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 Design/build has a history as old as construction itself. In the United States design/build has grown from $6 billion per year in 1982 to over $100 billion in 2010. Industry forecasters predict that design/build will account for over 70 percent of all non-residential construction by the year 2015.

 Most industry observers attribute the increase to two factors. The first is simplicity. One contract, as opposed to two or more, with an early fixed cost is attractive to business owners. The second factor is there are less disputes, change orders, and bid conflicts. They find that design/build offers them less lawyers, less money and less time. Many of the disagreements between the architect and contractor are resolved by the owner of the project, and the owner often ends up paying.

 Design/build clarifies the risks for the owner with single-source accountability and has been shown to have a lower amount of claims and litigation. Design/build not only consolidates the point of accountability but also the construction schedule, making it a faster process for the business owner. The reason it can be so much faster is the phases are blended into a single continuous phase, where construction actually starts before design is complete. The design process simultaneously continues on the portions yet to be built.

 A study of 351 projects by the Construction Industry Institute compared cost, schedule and quality of design/build projects with those delivered under tradition design-bid-build. The study found that design/build was overall 6 percent less expensive and 33 percent faster than traditional design-bid-build. "Faster-cheaper-better" is what owners are after, and they are finding that through design/build.



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